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Paizo Posts Next Pathfinder Battles Minis Preview

The latest Pathfinder Battles set is soon to come out and Paizo is giving you one last look inside before it hits store shelves. I'm always a fan of having a wide array of minis ready for my games. I honestly feel it makes the encounters that much better. Anyway, have yourselves a look-see.

From the article:

Well, Pathfinders, we did it. We’ve made it to the final preview blog of the forthcoming Pathfinder Battles: City of Lost Omens set of prepainted plastic miniatures from our friends at WizKids. As each of our previews thus far have featured a theme, I couldn’t resist finishing out the series with a look at some of the monstrous inhabitants of the Isle of Kortos who can challenge parties venturing beyond Absalom’s impenetrable walls.