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Paizo Posts New The Devatation Ark Adventure Path Preview

Trying to figure out if The Devastation Ark is the right adventure to throw your players into? Want to get a look inside? Maybe see what you'll be dealing with? Well, you're in luck, Starfinder GMs! Paizo has posted up a new preview video for you.

From the post:

The discovery of a series of millennia-old ruins sets off a chain of events that puts an ancient titanic spacecraft on course to the Pact Worlds. When the vessel—which belongs to an evil, warmongering civilization long thought dead—begins destroying all other ships in its path and attacking important resources to increase its power, the heroes must rescue millions of lives from destruction and find a way to stop the ship and all aboard it. Will the heroes be triumphant? Or will the alien species take the Pact Worlds as its new home and conquer the galaxy?