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Paizo Posts New Starfinder Society Adventures

It's always nice to have some pre-made adventures hanging around so you can easily drop them into your games. For those that play Starfinder, you've got the Starfinder Soceity, with all its linked adventures for the different campaigns. Paizo's posted up March's entries, so you can head out into the stars now.

From the website:

Starfinder Society continues its momentum towards the end of its first season with two new releases and the Organized Play team is excited to show them off! This month, our players can expect to learn more about the developing jinsul threat, while also getting a chance to "take a break" and go on a good old fashioned treasure hunt.

Starfinder Society Scenario #1-34: Heart of the Foe is a Tier 3–6 joint mission where two First Seekers lead several dedicated teams of Starfinders (including our intrepid PCs) to the jinsul's adopted homeworld. Nicholas Wasko, who some of you may recognize from Seers of the Drowned City and RPG Superstar fame, stepped up to write this action-packed scenario that looks deep into jinsul history. What excites me about this scenario, on top of the sheer amount of thematic content contained within, is that Heart of the Foe continues our ongoing season metaplot and introduces some of the final elements leading to our upcoming interactive special; so be sure not to miss out on this important scenario!

Next up, Starfinder Society veteran author, Mara Lynn Butler, returns to give us our first higher tier (Tier 5–8, in fact) Acquisitives scenario. Starfinder Society Scenario #1-35: Rasheen's Riches acts as a great standalone scenario and the perfect break for those players and GMs who maybe find themselves wanting to forget the terror of the jinsuls and corporate conspiracies, and just travel somewhere unknown in search of some treasure! Sometimes a story comes out so well in outlining and its final turnover that you know it should have one or more follow-ups, and I suspect that this scenario won't be the Society's only adventure following the trail of the scenario's titular character, the intrepid explorer, Jelev Rasheen! If you're interested in learning more about this early Drift travel explorer, her exploits, and how your character fits into them, be sure to find a seat for this scenario at your local gaming group (or perhaps, a digital seat in our expanding online community).

Alright, that's all the time I can spare from the pre-convention season word mines. Looking forward to next month's previews, we'll take a glimpse into what the duergar have been up to in Starfinder and get a sneak peek at our second major social scenario!