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Paizo Posts New Starfinder Encounter

Paizo's regularly releasing free content for their games. In this instance, it's a new Starfinder encounter that you can add to your campaign. Need a temple encounter? They've got you covered. You can head over and check it out for free now.

From the article:

The Haunter of the Dark, an aspect of the chaotic evil Outer God, Nyarlathotep, whispers to its loyal servants, the grioths (Starfinder Alien Archive 4 40–41), that something dire has awakened in the depths of the Pact Worlds sun. An elder being long imprisoned has broken free and moves toward the realm of mortals. Reading the portents, a grioth eclipse seer named Drenrika has determined that her raiders should be on Castrovel in the city of Candares during a springtime blood moon there in order to learn more about the burgeoning evil. And so, Drenrika enacted the eldritch rituals required to open a portal to Candares during the lunar eclipse.

Drenrika opened her gate in Candares’s Temple of the Dawnflower, an edifice almost as old as the city itself. Murderous grioth raiders mercilessly dealt with the temple’s clergy and poured into the city streets to murder and loot. They took out power substations to plunge parts of the city into darkness.

A survivor from the temple, a damaya lashunta mystic named Syell Yllsuoda, reports that the grioth leader remains in the sanctuary, awaiting something. Taking her down might close the grioth portal and strand the raiders without hope of reinforcements or retreat. The PCs are just the force for this decisive strike.