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Paizo Posts New Starfinder Encounter

Paizo loves to give you new content whenever they come out with new releases (beyond just the release itself, of course). In this case, they have a new encounter for Starfinder that will use their new Flip-Tiles that are coming out. You can head over and check out this new encounter now.

From the post:

Starfinder Flip-Tiles are a new addition to the Starfinder brand, and we wanted to show you some of the many cool things you can do with them. This encounter by Starfinder developer Jason Tondro uses tiles from Starfinder Flip-Tiles: Space Station Starter Set and Starfinder Flip-Tiles: Space Station Emergency Expansion products and follows the starship encounter, “A Singular Notion,” that appeared on the Paizo blog on July 24, though they can also be run independently of one another.