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Paizo Posts New Ready-to-Play NPC

There's the new Advanced Player's Guide coming at the end of the month for Pathfinder. Now, they could just give you rules previews along the way. However, they've decided to take a more creative look at what's coming out by giving GMs new NPCs that they can drop into their games right away. These characters will usually have some new rule associated with them. So, it's a preview and a new character all in one. Here's a look at the first.

From the article:

Today we kick off our series of No-Prep Character blogs, which feature a ready-to-run NPC for busy Game Masters. In most cases (but not all), we’ll use these blogs to showcase new rules options available to players in upcoming releases, such as new ancestries, archetypes, equipment, feats, and spells. Today’s NPC is Pr’rall, a catfolk dual-weapon warrior based on a character that I played in one of James Jacobs’s office campaigns years ago. Thanks to Vanessa Hoskins for converting him so wonderfully into Pathfinder Second Edition. You can find the rules for the catfolk ancestry and the dual-weapon warrior archetype in the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide, available everywhere on July 30.