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Paizo Posts New Pathfinder NPC

Paizo loves to put out free content for their games. In this instance, it's a new NPC for your Pathfinder sessions. This latest batch of upcoming NPCs will utilize some of the previously-unseen ancestries from the game. They begin with an aphorite, Urok.

From the article:

Today we’re kicking off a new batch of No-Prep Character blogs, which feature a ready-to-run NPC for busy Game Masters. This time around, Eleanor and I worked together to showcase some of the as-of-yet unrevealed ancestries appearing in Lost Omens Ancestry Guide. Each of these NPCs uses one of the new ancestries or versatile heritages featured in that book, but feature all of the rules information you need to include them in your adventures right away! This week we showcase a new versatile heritage: aphorite! I’ll talk a bit more about aphorites after showing you the NPC, but for now, let’s look at our no-prep aphorite, Urok..