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Paizo Posts New Pathfinder NPC

Paizo loves to give you free content for its games. This time around, they're continuing their look at characters from the The Shroud of Four Silences novella when they give you the stats to add Lisavet as an NPC to your Pathfinder game.

From the article:

This week we send out the final chapter of The Shroud of Four Silences. For those still experiencing technical difficulties receiving emails, we’ll leave signups open to get these (at a rate of a chapter a day to help you catch up). Additionally, we’ll have an ePub version of this story available here on and the Kindle store as soon as possible, and we’ll be doing this again once we work out some of the kinks in the email garden hose, so to speak. For now, enjoy this glimpse into to one of the story’s four protagonists, the Sarenite acolyte Lisavet.