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Paizo Posts New Pathfinder Monster

Look, it's always sad when a pet passes. I've had many pets over the years that have died and it's very tough. But... I mean... trying to artificially extend their life through dark magic is just not the answer. You could end up with, well, the new monster that Paizo has posted for Pathfinder.

From the article:

Have you ever had a beloved family pet expire due to old age, illness, or getting hit by an errant enercycle? The Pet Revitalization Project (PRP) would like to help return your best friend back to your side. This Eoxian company will use special silicon-based technology to revitalize your pet, keeping their personality, friendliness, and loyalty intact*. Many will find their pets stronger, more resilient, and hardier than before revitalization; works great on guard animals!

Though this technology was previously only available to the richest and most well connected individuals, new sources of resin and modern techniques have driven the cost of revitalization down. The PRP would like to extend these savings to you and your family. If you and your family are without the means to afford pet revitalization, the PRP has set aside a fund to aid in the swift return of your perished pet.

Pet revitalization is only viable for a short time after a pet’s expiration without proper body preservation techniques, leading some owners to preemptively revitalize their pets, ensuring their pets will remain with them always. Don’t you want your best friend to be your best friend forever? Contact the PRP today!

This message has been paid for by the Pact Worlds Commission for Unliving Rights, the Eoxian General Council, and the Eoxian Office of Pact Worlds Ambassadorship.

*Less than 10% of revitalized animals experience side effects such as insatiable rage, unshakable ennui, or empty compliance.