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Paizo Posts New Pathfinder Battles Preview

This next Pathfinder Battles set probably won't bring you a lot of new PC options, unless you're playing in a rather dark campaign. Paizo's posted up another preview of the upcoming Darklands Rising set, full of creepy crawlies and other foes for your adventurers to face off against.

From the article:

Last week we got our first glimpse into the myriad creatures included in the forthcoming Darklands Rising set of Pathfinder Battles prepainted plastic miniatures from our partners at WizKids. But there are still such wonders to explore in these unplumbed depths! There’s no rest for the wicked—especially among demon-worshiping drow and daemon-loving urdefhans—so let’s dive in!

What do you call a group of drow? Bad news.

Dad jokes aside, we have a bunch of drow in this set, and that’s good news for Pathfinder players, who have had to look elsewhere (or else paint their elf miniatures purple) for drow thus far. We’re more than making up for their long absence from Pathfinder Battles, though, with five of them. Darklands Rising includes: Drow Rogue (Medium common), Drow Priestess (Medium uncommon), Drow Fighter (rapier and crossbow variants; Medium uncommon), and Allevrah Azrinae (Medium rare).