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Paizo Posts New Pathfinder Battles Preview

The next set for Pathfinder Battles is soon to hit stores. I love having good miniatures for my game sessions, as it really does add some great visuals and helps the players see what's going on. In this particular preview, we get a look at the different animals that will be in the set, along with a new ranger figure.

From the post:

Much of the Kingmaker Adventure Path's story involves wilderness exploration and the taming of an untamable land. So of course we had to include a lot of "wilderness monsters" in Pathfinder Battles: Kingmaker.

The first of these is the imposing smilodon, a saber-toothed tiger from the nearby Realm of the Mammoth Lords. This primordial feline takes up the entire base, and makes for a very intimidating opponent (or animal companion, if you like that sort of thing). The smilodon is an uncommon Large figure.