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Paizo Posts New NPC For Pathfinder

Paizo continues their tradition of giving you free content for their games with another look at the ancestries coming in the Lost Omens Ancestry Guide for Pathfinder. They've posted up a new NPC using another of said ancestries, this time, the Beastkin Chea. Have a look.

From the article:

Last week, we shared a no-prep character, Urok, to give you a brief glimpse at the orderly aphorite versatile heritage. We have another NPC this week showcasing another unrevealed aspect from Lost Omens Ancestry Guide. This week we’re going to preview another new versatile heritage: beastkin! I’ll talk a bit more about beastkin after showing you the NPC, but for now, let’s look at our no-prep beastkin, Chea.


  arcanepretzel at Feb-23 21
That's a crocodile beastkin? That's not what I was guessing while looking at the picture.