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Paizo Posts New NPC For Pathfinder

Paizo loves to help out GMs by bringing them lots of content that they can simply drop right into their games. This article for a new NPC is the first of a dozen articles that will focus on the city of Otari from the new Pathfinder Beginner's Box. But even if you're not directly playing in that city, having these characters around can always be helpful.

From the article:

Today we’re proud to debut the first of a dozen blogs by Developer Ron Lundeen featuring content for your game set in or around the town of Otari. Whether you’re running the Pathfinder Beginner Box, the Troubles in Otari adventure, the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path, or a campaign of your own creation, this No-Prep Character can serve as a valuable ally for your players’ characters. Morlibint even makes an appearance in this week’s chapter of Shroud of Foul Silences, so if you’re not already receiving it by email, sign up in your privacy settings today and start catching up! How will you use Morlibint in your campaign?