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Paizo Posts New Lost Omens Character Guide Preview

It's maaaaaaaaagic! Something that really sets fantasy settings apart from the everyday world is the use of magic in all aspects of life. Sure, the little device in my pocket might seem like magic, but I still can't just hop on a carpet and go for a quick fly down the block. In this Lost Omens Character Guide, Paizo is showing off the Magaambya, an ancient magic society that will be featured in the new book.

From the post:

When considering the best organizations to showcase in the upcoming Lost Omens Character Guide, we asked ourselves who the most iconic figures in our setting were—or should be. Case in point: the Magaambya. Founded by the legendary Old Mage Jatembe, credited with bringing back magic as the Inner Sea region knows it after the destruction of Earthfall, the Magaambya is the oldest magic school in the Inner Sea and possibly on Golarion. The parallel in prestige to real world institutions like Oxford and Cambridge, the Magaambya surely stood as one of the premier organizations in the Age of Lost Omens campaign setting.