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Paizo Posts New Gear For Pathfinder

Paizo loves to post up free Pathfinder content on their website and send it out in their emails. One thing they've been sending out is the Shroud of the Four Silences novella. Well, they've got a new item from that story statted up for the game. But, be warned, it's a bit of a spoiler. So, only click through if you either know what happens or don't mind spoilers.

From the website:

Over the last few months, we’ve provided a number of new mechanics in the blog to give Game Masters running Otari-based campaigns a few more tricks to add flavor to the region based on the exploits of the heroes in Liane Merciel’s ongoing novella, The Shroud of Four Silences. We’re getting to the end of that tale, with Chapter 11 going out to our mailing list this week. To avoid spoilers, we’re hiding this week’s GM’s Toolkit entry below—keeping it secret, if you will—for only those who know the true villains at the heart of the story or who don’t mind learning it before reading it for themselves. Make sure you stay on top of future serialized fiction offerings by ensuring your privacy settings allow us to send you marketing emails.