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Paizo Posts New Encounter for Pathfinder

Paizo loves to help integrate their new releases into your games by doing more than just releasing a book and going, "Have at it!" In this case, they've created a new encounter, complete with maps, for those GMs looking to bring Lost Omens Legends into their Pathfinder games smoothly.

From the article:

Players who read though Lost Omens Legends might find that they want to learn more about just what kind of deals Baba Yaga can offer them or the cool alchemy techniques that Artokus Kirran saves for only his most important students. GMs who read through the book might see that Queen Abrogail Thrune has contracts that can offer great power (with an obviously high price) or that Runelord Sorshen can teach a new, enchanting spell. These cool new options are easy enough to hand out, but we want tables to do more than just snag a new feat or magic item. We want you to meet these legends in the flesh! At least, as best as one can with a roleplaying game.

To help out with that, I’ve put together a brief little encounter in Qahir Palace, home of Satrap Xerbystes II, his wife Shahiyan Deena al-Parishat, and his vizier Hebizid Vraj. The palace is located in Katheer, capital of Qadira. For this encounter, the PCs have earned the right to visit with Satrap Xerbystes. Perhaps the PCs are here for a diplomatic endeavor to win the satrap’s favor. Maybe the vizier called them to the palace to task them with an important mission. It could also be that the PCs won Deena’s attention after a notable horse race. Whatever the case, the PCs are now in the royal palace and, of course, things are about to go wrong.

The encounter below is for 9th-level Pathfinder characters. First, let’s take a look at the map. The map is of a large Qadiran palace that has lots of room for intrigue, stealth, and of course, combat. Feel free to use this map as you like in your own game, sprinkling in encounters, traps, and more as you see fit. Today’s encounter takes place in the throne room, but could totally spill out into the rest of the palace!