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Paizo Posts Neidr Nine Planet for Starfinder

Planet Building By A Crowd. A while ago, Paizo wanted to work with the community using its Deck of Many Worlds to create a new planet for Starfinder, giving it a full write-up when done. Well, it's done and the write-up is here. Now, you can take your adventurers to Neidr Nine for a swim.

From the post:

A month ago, we presented an array of cards from the Deck of Many Worlds and asked you to fuse those prompts together into a world of your own creation! We got some terrifically creative descriptions of weird and wonderful planets and their inhabitants, but Gyrwynt’s particular handiwork received the most favorites. So, as promised, here is a writeup of their Neidr Nine, ready to be inserted into any Starfinder campaign!