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Paizo Posts Gods & Magic Deleted Scenes

I know. Kind of a weird title, but that's basically what you're getting. Game books have a certain limit that they can be, realistically. And only so much can fit into them. As such, stuff usually needs to be cut out. But that can be some really premium stuff! Lost Omens Gods & Magic has such "leftover content," and Paizo  has decided to spruce them up into their own pdfs (that really have no limits) and give them to you for free.

From the post:

In my short time here at Paizo, I’ve learned that the production of a book is never an exact science. We know approximately how many words fit on a page and how much space a piece of art takes up. Even with these estimates, there’s always some content that does not make it onto the page. Sometimes, it feels like our books are actively working against us, constantly reshaping themselves and proceeding to taunt us about how we couldn’t fit everything we wanted into the book.

Once again, the books have teamed up with their old ally, physics, to taunt us once more. Even with the power of the gods in our hands, there was some cool content that we had to cut from Lost Omens Gods & Magic. Luckily, we have more tools to fight back against the literary menace known as “a lack of space”—free PDFs! We’ve collected a lot of cool stuff from the cutting room floor, dusted it off, cleaned it up, and are sharing with it you today!