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Paizo Posts Designing the Starfinder Beginner Box Book

The Starfinder Beginner's Box is coming soon. There's a lot to put into a little package, and the folks at Paizo had to figure out what to leave in and what to cut out. In this article, they talk about some of those decisions and how they came about figuring out what could stay and what should go.

From the post:

As excited as we were to construct the Starfinder Beginner Box as a fun, intuitive, and effective introduction to the Starfinder universe, we were also daunted by the challenges of trying to make a complete game that did justice to something we first presented in a 528-page rulebook. Even just the Tactical Rules chapter of the Starfinder Core Rulebook is more than 50 pages long, which would eat up more than a quarter of the pagecount we had in the Beginner Box rulebooks that also needed a solo adventure, introductory adventure, an introduction to numerous RPG concepts, advice, character classes, setting material, and so much more.