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Paizo Posts April Update

Here we are at the start of a new month. This is going to be a rough one for a lot of us. But being informed, even if it's not the brightest of news, is still better than just being in the dark. That's why, though it's not the happiest of news, Paizo's posted an April Update so you can know what they've got going on, as well as their convention schedule for the next several months (hey, some of them aren't cancelled. And many are moving to online).

From the post:

While the past month brought lots of confusion and chaos to our lives, we’re grateful to our communities for providing some safe harbor in the storm. A huge shout out to the entire venture-officer team and the local GM crews who supported the FLGS until they closed and then moved the games online. For those of you that haven’t joined us in virtual, consider this an open invitation to do so! Come play, socialize, and stay strong!

Also, a huge thank you from our team to the community for their patience and understanding. As we scattered to the winds and socially distanced ourselves, we found everything taking more time and more energy. From getting remote offices set up to putting together this month’s scenario releases, it all was a bit wonky. We thank our community for coming together, helping each other, and supporting our hobby. You are awesome!

Unfortunately, not all of our community avoided their encounter or rolled a success on their fortitude save. We have several community members, and adjacent community members, who are dealing with the disease. Please keep them in your thoughts! If you have a bit of cash to spare, consider purchasing the Humble Conquer Covid-19 Bundle, whose entire proceeds go to fighting Covid-19 and rescuing lives.