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Paizo Posts About Gaming Online During PaizoCon

While pandemic situations are starting to reduce in some places in the world, there's still many restrictions out there. And playing online is simply a great way to get games in with people who aren't within easy driving distance. Plus, if you're going to be playing at events like PaizoCon, you'll want to get in the know on VTTs. Paizo's posted up a resource for information about doing just that.

From the article:

Last March, when we shifted physical gaming to digital spaces, the Online Region Venture-Officers wrote two guest blogs focused on their experiences using digital mediums such as Virtual Table Tops (VTTs) and Play-by-Post to keep our gaming communities connected. Their advice is as relevant today as it was last spring, so we’ve linked them here for reference.

Guest Blog: Online Region Resources part 1

Guest Blog: Online Region Resources part 2

Reading over those blogs will give a good overview of playing digital games, but there are a few other considerations to be aware of when signing up for games at PaizoCon.