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Paizo Post Alien Archive 4 Preview

Alien Archive 4 will give Starfinder players and GMs a whole lot of new options when making characters and adventures for the game. In this preview, we get a look at one of the new species as well as a look at grafting, getting bits of someone else attached to you all permanent-like.

From the article:

Today we continue a series sampling the Starfinder Alien Archive 4!

If you are new to Starfinder, the Alien Archives hold a trove of tools for players and GMs alike.

For players “AA4” holds a dozen races with full rules, letting you play everything from a fungus-uplifted animal to a humanoid made of magical coral. Last week we looked at the astriapi. We showcase at the copaxi below.

For GMs there are nearly 100 uncanny life-forms both classic and new, from the batlike grioth and horrifying brain collector to the vengeful endling and dreaded plasmalisk. Grafts were established in the Appendix 1: CREATING MONSTERS AND OTHER NPCS in the first Starfinder Alien Archive. They were further developed or expanded upon the subsequent Alien Archive volumes.

Now, Alien Archive 4 adds species grafts—new rules for grafting the strange physical traits of other species onto your own character, creating a staggering array of customization options!