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Paizo Looks at Lost Omens as Part of Their Subscription Package

I have a hot sauce subscription. When a new sauce comes out, I'm one of the first to get it. Paizo also offers you something similar. Though, instead of sauce, it's new Pathfinder books for your games. In this article, they look at the Lost Omens setting and where it comes in with their subscription.

From the article:

The Age of Lost Omens

Ten thousand years ago, the world of Golarion came close to ending. Earthfall, as this extinction-level event came to be known, saw the world pummeled by a shower of falling stars that sank continents, hollowed out new seas, and destroyed civilizations. It took centuries for the world to recover, and centuries more for society to rebuild, but recover it did.

Do you want to be sure to get the latest and greatest Pathfinder and Starfinder products shipped to you directly from the Paizo warehouse upon release? Of course, you do! When you become an ongoing subscriber to one of Paizo’s many product lines, you'll have that security.

In this series, we’re diving into Paizo Subscriptions, including what you can subscribe to today and what’s just around the corner. We’ve looked at the Pathfinder Rulebook and Special Edition Rulebook Ongoing Subscriptions and Starfinder Rulebook Ongoing Subscription. Now, we’ll explore the popular Lost Omens setting line!