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Paizo Looks Inside the Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual

"More options!" It's what every RPGer wants for their characters. And with each book, Paizo likes to bring them to you, such as in the Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual. But how do you get the best out of these options? Paizo looks into that here in this article.

From the post:

The Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual has released, opening up not just brave new frontiers of exploration, but also unleashing a wealth of new character options to enable your PCs’ space-traveling hijinks! Each character class receives two pages of fresh possibilities. While creating these new operative exploits, mystic connections, and more, our authors and development team considered what challenges PCs often face when investigating an unfamiliar site, culture, or environment, as well as the ways wilderness-focused adventures open up new opportunities for dynamic encounters and novel PC tactics. Let’s take a look!