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Paizo Looks At August Starfinder Society Releases

Every month, Paizo releases new content for their RPGs as part of the Society, the regular organized play arm of their RPG systems. The Starfinder Society releases for August take players into Rise of the Vault Lord as well as the Hivemarket Heist. You can find out a bit more about these adventures and links to their location in this new article.

From the article:

That’s sure some ominous tidings from the false moon of Salvation’s End! I suppose everyone out there should get ready to put together a group of high-level agents to partake in Starfinder Society #3-06: Rise of the Vault Lord by veteran freelancer, Matt Duval. Meanwhile, another industry veteran, Jim Groves, brings us a return to Akiton in the mysterious Starfinder Society #3-05: Hivemarket Heist for levels 1-4.

Tomorrow, we’ll announce a change to the minimum players needed to make legal tables in our organized play programs. For Starfinder Society, that involves a new option for higher levels of play. Come back tomorrow to read more!

For Pathfinders looking for a reveal of August scenarios, check out the Gen Con release blog where we shared a sneak peek at what’s in store for the launch of Year 2: Year of Corruption’s Reach!