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Paizo Looking to Create Better, Safer, More Inclusive Work Environment

The gaming world should be as inclusive and comfortable as possible. Originally the realm of the "nerdy outcasts," it should always strive to be welcoming to those that feel they have been looked over by others. In creating such an environment, Paizo is looking to implement things that make working there more inclusive, safe, and comfortable for its employees.

From the announcement:

My public statement on Wednesday was a fundamental expression of Paizo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, values that I share both personally and professionally. It was an opening statement—not the final word on the topic by any means.

Words are important.

But I also know that actions are even more important.

As a result, I want to share with you a number of actions that address some of the concerns that have been brought to our attention over the last week.

The welfare and safety of our employees is paramount. No employee will ever be fired for whistleblowing or advocating for employee safety and wellbeing, and we have never fired an employee for doing so.

Following our return from Gen Con, the Executive Team will schedule individual meetings with our managers to give them a chance to share concerns directly. In the coming weeks, Paizo will issue an independently managed employee engagement survey to provide all employees with an anonymous means to provide candid feedback. The information provided through this process is aimed at addressing employee concerns and driving change to create a more positive workplace.