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Paizo Looking For Volunteers

Want to help out at conventions? Maybe get to know some of the people behind some of your favorite games? It can be a first-step to getting into the gaming industry as a career (that's where I started, after all). Well, Paizo is looking for people to help at various events they'll be attending. Send in your application and you may just be picked.

From the post:

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog about the Organized Play Foundation calling for volunteers to assist with Paizo-sponsored conventions. There are still vacancies for each event, so we thought to amplify the call through our communities. Please take the following information and share with your communities.

Unfortunately, the call for UK Games Expo volunteers got caught up a bit due to the need to integrate GDPR compliance into the established. Once the edges pull together, the call for that convention will add those listed below.

Each convention provides a graduated benefit scheme for its volunteers. A list of all the benefits is available on the Organized Play Foundation’s website at

For general information on any of the events, please reach out to Bob Jonquet, the Premier Event Coordinator, at