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Paizo Launches Secrets of Magic Playtest

Want to see what's coming in an upcoming Pathfinder book? Not only that, but do you want to help shape that content to make sure that it's the best it can be? Then you'll want to head over and get in on the Secrets of Magic playtest that's happening now over at Paizo.

From the post:

You’ve found the not-so-secret playtest for Pathfinder Secrets of Magic! This upcoming sourcebook, scheduled for July 2021, brings you loads of new spells, magic items, special types of magic, and information about the inner workings of magic. But this playtest? It’s all about the two new classes! Your insight into them will be vital as we prepare them for the final book.

  • The magus combines spells with attacks. The classic concept of the warrior-mage hybrid lives here. The test will show whether this class outshines martial characters or spellcasters, or whether it balances its two sides in a satisfying way that feels special. The magus gets fewer spell slots, though the slots’ spell levels get as high as a wizard’s!
  • The summoner is for the player who wants to adventure alongside a cool sidekick! A powerful entity called an eidolon holds a supernatural connection with the summoner, sharing health and working in tandem. This class also casts spells but has fewer per day than other spellcasting classes.