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Paizo Launches Pathfinder Advanced Character Guide Playtest

When Paizo was coming out with the 2nd edition of Pathfinder, they had an extended public playtest to give everyone a chance to add their input into the formation of the game. Now, they're headed there again with the Advanced Character Guide. The public playtest is going on now. Go download the files and give them your thoughts.

From the announcement:

Welcome to the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide playtest! In the document below, you’ll find four new classes set to be introduced in the Advanced Player’s Guide in July 2020, but before we can add them to the game, we need your help to ensure they are the best they can be! To do that, we need you to create characters using these classes and give them a try. We’re hoping that each of these new characters offers you a style of play that’s enjoyable, effective, and distinct from the currently available classes, allowing you to tell even richer stories with diverse experiences in all modes of play.