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Paizo Launches New Starfinder Playtest

Paizo's looking to bring more content to Starfinder and they're wanting your help to make sure it all integrates smoothly. They've launched a playtest campaign so you can try out a new class as well as a mech combat system. Yup, you know what that means...

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert!

From the post:

This playtest presents two new options: the nanocyte class and the mech combat subsystem. The nanocyte is a cunning combatant who houses a host of nanites in their body. Using their nanite array, they can confound foes, spontaneously create equipment, and reinforce their own bodies, and specialized nanocytes can even stitch wounds, dissolve into nanite swarms, and shred foes with a cloud of microscopic assailants!

If bigger is better in your playtest, then strap into a mech! Mechs are specialized vehicles operated by one or more pilots, each of which contributes to the giant robot’s actions. Much like building a starship, you create your own mech (or mechs), allowing you to customize your frame, limbs, armaments, and more! Mechs operate on the familiar square grid maps, so although they’re bigger and more powerful than PCs usually are, many of the rules for using them are familiar, and many of the same foes are appropriate challenges.

This playtest is your chance to get a look at early versions of these new options and have a hand in their development before they hit shelves next year!