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Paizo Introduces the Authors of Gods & Magic

It goes without saying that behind every book is a talented staff of writers and editors who bring it to your tabletops. Most of the time, we don't know much more about them than a name on a cover or credits page. Well, Paizo is looking to get you to know their staff a bit better. They've posted up a little article with all the authors that helped with Gods & Magic. Have a look.

From the post:

While the writers of our Paizo products are always credited in the front and back of the books, a simple name in a byline doesn’t give readers much information on the people who work to bring the setting to life! To wrap up our preview of Lost Omens Gods and Magic, I reached out to the authors of the book with the intent of promoting them—as well as any other personal work they would like to share, so that new fans of their work could find other projects, RPG products, websites, livestreams, and more to enjoy!