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Paizo Features the Veskarium for Starfinder

Starfinder is getting a new book this month in the form of Near Space. As with most Starfinder books, there's a whole wealth of information for both players and GMs. In this preview, we get a look at the Veskarium plenetary system. They could easily be antagonists for an entire campaign. So, having some insight into their core system would definitely be beneficial.

From the post:

The galaxy of the Starfinder RPG expands with this month’s release of Starfinder Near Space, which details dozens of planets and civilizations in this region of the galaxy and includes new starships and a wide selection of character option as well.

Among the many worlds located within Near Space are not only the allied planets of the Pact Worlds, but also the core worlds of the Veskarium, the interplanetary empire of the warlike vesk. While vesk are a relatively common sight in the Pact Worlds and throughout the galaxy, their home system has remained something of a mystery. But no longer! Starfinder Near Space takes us into the Veskarium for the first time, so let’s take a brief look at the vesk empire and its diverse worlds.

The Veskarium

Centered around a blue sun called Ghavaniska, the Veskarium is an autocratic empire and military dictatorship with one overarching goal: conquest. Long before the onset of the Gap, the vesk conquered all of the planets of their home system, renaming these worlds after themselves and numbering them in order of their distance from the sun. When the Gap ended, the vesk turned to their well-organized pre-Gap military archives and set about relearning the boundaries of their ancient empire and re-establishing the Veskarium’s dominion over their subject worlds in less than a decade. Vesk dominate the empire and make up the majority of its inhabitants, but the Veskarium encompasses dozens of planets, and their native inhabitants enjoy full citizenship in the empire. Vesk believe they have an obligation to care for their conquered vassals, and while the Veskarium’s laws are strict and draconian, standards of living are high, and most residents of the empire, vesk or not, are content with their lives and support—or at least tolerate—their government.