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Paizo Features Pathfinder: Extinction Curse

Again with the Primus vibes. Todaaaaaaaay's going to be the greeeeeeeeeeeeatest day of your liiiiiiife.

Anyway, the circus is in town and funny things are happening. Paizo's Extinction Curse adventure path takes players to the Startsone Isles and the Circus of Wayward Wonders. They've posted up an article with a couple videos, a bunch of links, and just various information to get you all you need to know about this book. Have yourselves a peek.

From the post:

The Circus of Wayward Wonders has come to the Starstone Isles in the Extinction Curse Adventure Path!

Come one, come all! Humble performers become leaders of the Circus of Wayward Wonders when tragedy strikes. But as these heroes lead their motley band of performers and roustabouts around the Isle of Kortos, they uncover a sinister plot to exterminate life from the Starstone Isle. The dead god Aroden may be gone, but his legacy lives on, as do his old enemies who would destroy the wonders he raised from the sea. Spectacle meets savagery as the heroes strive to stop the Extinction Curse!

The Extinction Curse Adventure Path begins with The Show Must Go On! The Circus of Wayward Wonders has just arrived in the remote town of Abberton, and the player characters are the stars of the show!

Download the free Extinction Curse Player's Guide by Developer Ron Lundeen and learn an Additional Circus Trick feat!

Read the prequel fiction by Ron Lundeen, Extinction Curse: Waiting in the Wings and watch The Show Must Go On - Developer Commentary with both Ron and Jason Tondro!