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Paizo Delves Into the Chimera Mystery Adventure for Starfinder

While players may want to steer clear of too many articles about different adventure paths for Starfinder, GMs should very much head on in to see what's going on. You want to make sure it's the adventure path that's right for your game, right? Of course! So, in this article, Paizo's delving into The Chimera Mystery, part of the Threefold Conspiracy adventure path.

From the post:

When the security officer of the starship Chimera goes missing, the heroes are asked to investigate. Murder, misdirection, and misapprehension abound. But is this whole whodunit only part of a much larger conspiracy?

It is time to pull back the curtain, just a bit, on The Threefold Conspiracy. The plot will remain a mystery, but the back matter is full of advice, lore, and game material we can’t wait to show off. So, this blog may have light spoilers, be warned.

Don’t want to chance it? Go back and read the flash web fiction The Threefold Conspiracy: Gray Matter to set the mood.

As previously revealed, inside you will find advice for running and playing in adventures focused around secrecy and mystery, by Jason Keeley. Read an excerpt in Motive, Means, and Opportunity.