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Paizo Creating Digital Releases For RPG Accessories

I, like many gamers, have moved their games online. I've been playing most weekends and it's been nice. I'm actually gaming more now than I was before. But as more and more gamers are headed virtual, Paizo is looking to help players for Starfinder and Pathfinder by making their accessories available as a digital release.

From the article:

As more and more gamers are taking their campaigns to virtual tabletops, we’re changing the format of select products’ digital assets to individual high-resolution JPGs suitable for use on those platforms. This change will make it easy to upload every card in a deck to those platforms with no graphics work or image extraction required on your part.

Previously, card accessories did not include digital assets, but subscribers to the Pathfinder Accessories and Starfinder Accessories product lines will soon receive free digital assets with their subscription for those products. This change is retroactive back to the launches of Pathfinder Second Edition and Starfinder, with products releasing weekly