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Paizo Create Your Own Pantheon Contest Happening Now

Many of you GMs out there have created your own realms for your gamers to go around in. That's maybe included its own pantheon of gods that they can worship. Well, now, you have a chance to make that pantheon an official part of Pathfinder. Paizo and Friends in High Places are running a contest where the winner will have their pantheon of gods added to the Pathfinder Society rolls.

From the website:

No two characters worship the same way. How and why they worship their deities are as varied as the player base of Paizo’s organized play campaign. Many players choose for their characters to follow the examples of several deities, seeing a personal connection between them that motivates and inspires their journey. In some cases, adventuring parties form around one of these custom pantheons, becoming regional memes that take on a life of their own. Perhaps you have created a Pathfinder pantheon yourself?

Now you have the chance.

Lost Omens: Gods & Magic introduced us to a set of rules for creating and worshiping polytheistic pantheons. Developer Luis Loza graciously showed us more examples in his blog post, Friends in High Places. The Know Direction Network in collaboration with the Organized Play Team invites you to submit a brand-new pantheon, with the best submission becoming a sanctioned option for the Pathfinder Society!