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Paizo Covers Downtime in Starfinder

Wake up. Grab your brush, put a little makeup. It's the things we take for granted for our RP characters. They're not -always- adventuring, swinging swords or shooting blasters. There's downtime, too. In this article for the upcoming Character Operations Manual for Starfinder, Paizo takes a look at new downtime systems to make them more interesting than just "time passes."

From the post:

Feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of new Starfinder species and class options in the new Character Operations Manual? Well, take a break and spend some downtime with me, and I’ll introduce you to a new system introduced in this very same book.

I love downtime—it’s the home of the montage and the “Meanwhile…”—and it lets you build those flavorful interrelational stories that bring motley crews together between their high-octane adventures. Downtime requires you to take at least one day off. You can still rest for 8 hours, but otherwise you can’t be out there beating up aliens and shooting down Corpse Fleet ships if you really want to focus on your downtime activities.

Let’s you and I hop in a starship and head to Near Space. With 3d6 days of travel ahead of us, we can try out some of the dozens of downtime activities covered by this system!

To start us off, why don’t you spend a few days using the manage course activity? If you succeed, you’ll shave some hours off our trip! I’ll use the maintain readiness activity in the meantime—if we’re interrupted by some combat in the Drift, we’ll get a bonus to our initiative.