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Paizo Countdown to Pathfinder 2E Schedule Posted

The launch of Pathfinder 2nd Edition is Paizo's biggest release of the year, and we're getting ever-closer to its release. In the time that's left before it gets to store shelves, Paizo has set up a Twitch channel and will be broadcasting previews, interviews, and more about this exciting update to many people's favorite RPG. They've given us a schedule so we can all know when to tune in.

From the announcement:

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Payton Smith, Paizo's new Social Media Producer. While I’ve only been here a few weeks, I’ve been working closely with the creative team to harness the excitement of Pathfinder Second Edition. The drive and passion I've seen to create a version of Pathfinder that is easier to learn, faster to play, and yet endlessly customizable is inspiring. It is now my privilege to share their enthusiasm with all of you on the official Paizo Twitch channel!

Starting this Friday, and throughout the next three weeks, please join me as I bring our designers to the camera to talk about Pathfinder Second Edition, live. Throughout the stream, we encourage you to come on over and ask us your burning questions. We will also be giving away SWAG to select stream participants, and if we get 500+ concurrent viewers, we will also give away a Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook to one or more viewers! See the eligibility note below for more details.