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Paizo Announces Precog Class Playtest for Starfinder

None of us know the future. That certainly would be helpful. Well, while we can't predict the future, we can prepare for it when given notice. And that's sort of like knowing the future, right? Well, Paizo is letting us know that they're going to be launching a playtest for the Precog class in Starfinder later this month and you can get a little look at what that will entail.

From the article:

This playtest is your chance to get a look at an early version of this new class and have a hand in its development before it hits shelves in an upcoming book!

Playtesting the Precog

The precog playtest launches on November 16, 2020, and runs through December 25, 2020. So how can you help playtest this new class? First, you’ll want to download the free PDF of the playtest from (available starting on November 16th). Then you can create a brand new precog of any level using the new rules. We're most interested in feedback from actual play, so it's best if you can get some friends together and play a few sessions using your new character. If possible, make up characters at different levels to get a sense of how they work at different points in their career. There's no accompanying playtest adventure—you can use the new class in existing adventures like Starfinder Society scenarios or Starfinder Adventure Paths, or even mock combats that you create yourself using the Starfinder Core Rulebook’s encounter-creation rules. It might be helpful to take some notes during play, so you can remember your thoughts on the experience after the game session. To gather the most useful data for this playtest, we ask that you avoid using house rules and play these characters using only published rules from the Starfinder RPG.