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Paizo Announces Paizocon Francia 2020

This is almost the exact opposite of most of the event posts I've been making lately. Paizo has announced that they will be running Paizocon Francia in August. If you're in the region, you might just want to stop on by.

Who knew that there could still be shows in this world, eh?

From the post:

We are pleased to announce the launch of PaizoCon Francia under the direction of Regional Venture-Coordinator Benoît Gros. In his words, “After 6 consecutive years, GardenCon evolves into PaizoCon Francia. Come enjoy the only open-air PaizoCon in the beautiful Geneva countryside. Not convinced yet? How about a laidback schedule, local craft beer, and tables played in English or French to fulfill your mid-August gamers needs! Still not convinced? Did we mention there's also a pool?”

PaizoCon Francia will be held at the Route de la Craz, Thônex, Geneva, from August 13th to 16th, 2020. More details will appear as the organizing team passes them to us, including registration information.

Before you go…We have a procedural announcement that we will include in our next monthly update, but that we wanted to announce to our society GMs and organizers before the first week of May.

Feedback from our communities regarding tables for Pathfinder Society (second edition) indicates that 7-player tables aren’t working. So, we are phasing them out. Starting as soon as possible, we ask GMs to move to 6-player tables. We are giving a transition period so that we don’t cause issues for conventions and events already planned. As of June 1st, seven players will not be legal tables. In cases of 7 players, the tables should be split into two. This will make a more balanced experience and works better within the scaling mechanisms of the program.

That’s all for today. Come back next week when we preview the April scenarios and quest. Until then, may you all stay safe and remember to Explore, Report, Cooperate, Wash Hands!