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Paizo Announces New Starfinder Adventures

Instead of being tied to an adventure path, Paizo will be releasing some new Starfinder stand-alone adventures next year. They'll be perfect to just drop into your games when you want. Have yourselves a look at what they'll entail.

From the announcement:

We’ve been publishing adventures for Starfinder (in the form of Adventure Path volumes) since the game’s launch three years ago, but we’re excited to announce a new line of standalone adventures for Starfinder coming next year!

Our first offering, Junker’s Delight, is scheduled for July 2021. Written by Starfinder developer Jason Keeley with Misha Bushyager, this 1st-level adventure puts player characters in the role of “junk tourists” on the red planet Akiton, searching for riches in the graveyard of crashed starships just outside the settlement of Khefak Depot.

Another new adventure follows Junker’s Delight in September 2021, so keep your communication channels open to the Paizo blog for further details on this adventure and more to come in the future!

Starting in June 2021, the Starfinder Adventure Path will be returning to a bimonthly schedule with Planetfall, the first volume of the Horizons of the Vast Adventure Path. The Adventure Path will otherwise remain unchanged, featuring the same multi-part campaigns and articles full of new setting material, new player options, and new alien creatures that you’re used to. There’s just so much fun adventure content heading your way that we want to make sure people have the time to play them all!