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Paizo Announces New Pathfinder Playtest

At the start of next year, Paizo will be running a new playtest session for Pathfinder. If you want to help the game be the best it can and add your input into some new classes, this is your chance.

From the website:

On the first day of Paizomas, my GM gave to me…

As we close 2020, we give you exciting news of a new Pathfinder Playtest! Just after the new year we’ll release a playtest with two new classes for you to create, play, and share feedback on. The playtest will run from Jan 5-Feb 5. We wanted to share the news so you can plan some games in that window. For our organized play community, players will be able to try the playtest classes and earn credit for a Pathfinder Society character at the same time.