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Paizo Announces New Character Options in Starfinder and Pathfinder

"More options." It's the one thing that almost every gamer can agree on that they want for their RPGs. Be it more backgrounds or ancestries or weapons or adventures or monsters. Well, Paizo is here to deliver for you. They've posted up a look into what new options will be coming for those that play Pathfinder and Starfinder, along with a note about organized play at Gen Con Online coming up in just a couple weeks.

From the article:

With Gen Con Online just two weeks away, the organized play team remains focused on getting our last items out the door. The Gen Con organizing committee has also just finished meeting to put polish on the final pieces. And while we won’t be building out the Sagamore Ballroom this year, our offerings are no less impressive—the Gen Con catalog includes approximately 900 events in six languages. We’ve got one-hour Quests and Bounties, two-hour Adventure Card Society scenarios, and five-hour Scenarios for both Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society, not to mention more events soon to come: panels featuring Paizo staffers talking about some upcoming products, answering fan questions, and giving a peek into the life of a Paizo staffer. We’ll post a full panel schedule as well as other information to our website shortly.

But we have even more goodies for you, our players, before we get to Gen Con. Last week, we revealed that kobolds will be an always-available ancestry option for Pathfinder Society players upon release of the Advanced Players Guide. Here and now, in advance of the book’s release, we’re happy to reveal the sanctioning for the other character options available from the APG—if you want to play that swashbuckler or witch at Gen Con, you’ll be able to! Check out our ongoing Character Options blog for these updates.