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Paizo Announces Bestiary 2 for Pathfinder

With Pathfinder 2nd Edition now being well established in many gaming groups, it's time to begin expanding on the core books some. Paizo is hard at work getting the next one ready. It's got a little time to go, but considering what's in it, it's no wonder it'll take some time. Bestiary 2 is coming, but not until April. What will you get for your wait? Well, not 100, not 200, and not even 300 monsters, but more than 350 to throw at your players (hopefully not all at once).

From the website:

More than 350 new monsters are coming to your campaign in April with the release of the Pathfinder Bestiary 2...but you don’t have to wait that long to see the amazing cover illustration by artist Wayne Reynolds!

This 320-page hardcover rulebook greatly expands on the foes found in the Pathfinder Bestiary. From classic creatures like serpentfolk and jabberwock, returning favorites like the primal dragons or the Sandpoint devil, to brand new menaces sure to test even the bravest of heroes, this must-have tome of monsters designed to challenge characters of any level is an essential companion to your Pathfinder game!