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Paizo Adds the Amabie to Pathfinder

Normally, the different monsters and other creatures added to RPGs are out there to attack the party in some form. But with how things are right now, Paizo thought about going a different direction by adding the Amabie to Pathfinder. This is a much more friendly character that your party can come across.

From the post:

There’s been a lot of bad news related to the situation with COVID-19 right now. From those forced into isolation and quarantine, to those facing sudden financial or medical hardship, to those upset that an event they were looking forward to was canceled, a lot of people have been having a rough time. Teachers, artists, authors, performers, musicians, and many others have been stepping up to help keep spirits high despite the circumstances. In particular, I’ve been following the curious resurrection of an obscure Japanese yokai—known as an amabie, the creature was recorded as predicting a plague, but claiming that anyone who saw a picture of the amabie would be cured of the disease. Now, Japanese artists on twitter have been sharing their own drawings and other creations of the amabie to offer their best wishes for good health.

Often in Pathfinder, we focus on creatures that are cruel and vicious, to better serve as foes for player characters. But right now, I think a humble yokai that seeks to do good deserves its own spotlight. So here is my “picture” of the amabie, sketched with words, to give to you.