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Painting Polygons Launches Secrets of Gullet Cove Kickstarter

After all the waiting, the time has come. Painting Polygons has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their next Animal Adventures product. If you're looking for a game where your character is a doggo or kitty cat, this is the game for you, including miniatures. The Secret of Gullet Cove campaign contains more than just an adventure book. There's a whole bunch of new miniatures added into the mix as well.

From the campaign:

Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove is a complete, fun campaign setting in a box, packed with miniatures, maps, and a gorgeous illustrated hardcover book. Suitable for players of any level of experience and fully compatible with the previous Animal Adventures releases, as well as the fifth edition of the world’s favourite roleplaying game! Build a whole new campaign or add to your current games, Gullet Cove's gates are open and waiting! 

The Kickstarter's around 5x funded with 13 days left to go.