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Pacific Rim: Extinction Now Available To Pre-Order

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert!
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Deep in the ocean, a crack in the sea crust allows massive monsters called Kaiju to enter our world. The only thing protecting humanity are the Jaegers and the brave souls who pilot them. Which side will you take up in Pacific Rim: Extinction, the new board game now available to pre-order from River Horse?

From the annoucement:

In Pacific Rim: Extinction, two or more players take on the role of either the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps, with their fleet of supermassive mechanical Jaegers, or the invading Kaiju, destructive monsters sent by the Precursors.

Choose your side today as you can now pre-order Wave One of Pacific Rim: Extinction from your local game store or the River Horse web store. Wave One includes: Pacific Rim Extinction Starter Set, Gypsy Danger Jaeger Expansion, Saber Athena Jaeger Expansion, Hakuja Kaiju Expansion, Obsidian Fury Kaiju Expansion.