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Pac-Man: The Card Game Availalbe From Steamforged

wokka-wokka-wokka-wokka. If you're ancient, like me, you'll remember seeing Pac-Man arcade games in the lobby of pretty much every family restaurant out there. If you were lucky like me, you could play it on your Atari at home. Well, now you don't have to go find vintage gaming consoles to get your Pac-Man on. Steamforged Games has released Pac-Man: The Card Game.

From the announcement:

Like the arcade game PAC-MAN the Card Game is a colourful and simple game with mass appeal. It's a brand new PAC experience that will quickly get you hoooked.


  • 108 cards (across 2 decks)

There are three ways to play: 

Stage 1: Beginners | 2–4 players | 5–15 min

Your aim is to get the most points without being knocked out by ghosts. Fruit and PAC-dot cards are worth points; power up cards have special rules, like having two players swap hands; and three ghost cards will knock you out of the game!

Stage 2: Advanced | 2–4 players | 5–15 min

Mastered the Level 1 deck? Challenge yourself with the Level 2 deck, which has more ghosts and stronger power ups!

Bonus Stage | Up to 8 players | 15–25 min

In this version of the game, you can combine both decks to play with up to 8 players