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PMC 2670 Crowdfunding Campaign Going On Now

The folks at Assault Publishing are headed to Crowdfunding to get themselves set up for PMC 2670. Though, they're doing it a little different than heading to Kickstarter. They're simply taking donations on their website. You can head over to their site and donate as much as you want. And they emphasize that this is a donation, not a purchase. You won't get anything special in return. However, your donation will make the PMC 2670 book better for when it's released, for free, to the public.

From the website:

PMC 2670 has been revealed in spring 2019. Below you will find the details of the crowdfunding campaign. Assault Publishing Studio is a non-commercial undertaking, and we are doing everything to release a professionally prepared game free of charge. This is why we kindly ask you for donations to help us achieve that goal. We do not intend to earn anything from this project – and the law actually forbids us to.

To make it clear, this is a donation campaign, not a pre-order campaign and no goods or services will be provided in return for this donation - you will not receive any pledge rewards. With your pledges, you're not buying anything – instead, you're supporting the development of the PMC 2670 rulebook, which will be released as a free download.

You can donate any amount you wish, though to prevent fraud, the minimal donation is 3 EUR. We would like to encourage you to send small recurring monthly donations; you will not feel it in you pocket, and we don't need all the money at once. If you are not happy with our progress, you can withdraw your support at any moment.

We will make project evaluation every month or two to show the progress and ajust the plan if needed. We have some additional actions planned and will inform you about them and their results as soon as possible.