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Outlands Special Edition Now Available

The folks in charge of Outlands have come up with a special edition of their rulebook. It doesn't just contain the core rules for the game, but also the Noob mini-expansion, the Legends expansion, and all the other bits and bobs that came out last year. You can pick up your copy now.

From the website:

OUTLANDS SPECIAL EDITION is a Sci-Fi Spaghetti Western set on the mysterious and deadly planet of Paradise. The gameplay revolves around an Action/Reaction System that keeps both players in the game. The unrestricted rule system allows YOU to 'Level Up' your characters, whilst training new and exciting skills. You can make your characters the way YOU want. Ideally suited for campaign play between a group of friends, the rules allow for one off stand alone games. All you need to play is this rulebook, 5 models per player (ANY miniatures you already own), a tape measure and a handful of 6 sided dice. Get ready to take your 1st exciting steps into the 'OUTLANDS'. This 'Special Edition' includes the OUTLANDS rulebook, The Noob Mini-Expansion, OUTLANDS: LEGENDS and all released additional material from 2018.